About Me (to the tune of Fresh Prince):

In St. Michael - Albertville, born and raised
At Ecolab is where I spend most of my days
Figurin’ out, testing, engineering all cool
Cause those are the skills that I learned while in school (UMD)
I met my wife, Beth, and I knew she was good
Lake Elmo (MN) became our new neighborhood
I got my first nice camera and Beth got afraid
And said “Don’t quit your day-job, ‘cause theres bills to be paid!”

I’ve taken many photos; people, mountains, and deer
In 2011, I took a new photo every day of the year
If anything I could say photography makes me aware
of the details around me; they make me care

I packed all my lenses, maybe seven or eight
And then I yelled to my wife “We’re gonna be out late!”
Looked up at the sky, it was finally night
I never get bored of watching the stars, when they’re bright.

I’d be thrilled to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me.

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